Ocean City, Maryland is not only one of the East Coast's premier vacation destinations, it's home to thousands of people from all over the world for at least part of each year.
And why do people opt for renting rather than staying in a hotel? Rental property lets you stay as long as you like for lower cost. By paying a weekly or monthly fee, you can dramatically lower your cost per day. Rental property lets you get access to fun and exciting communities and locations that are not available with hotels. If you're one of the thousands of people who come to Ocean City to stay - consider one of our many rental locations.

How to rent

Welcome to Ocean City Maryland Rentals, the perfect method of locating and renting a beach property for a weekend getaway or family vacation. The process is very easy, allowing you to choose from several different privately owned or commercial rentals through a search and location process that allows you to select the perfect place to suit any budget or amenities preference.

Step one: Find a Rental
You can simply begin searching through the online advertisements, or you can narrow your search based on entering specific requirements. You can enter a minimum and maximum price range for your Ocean City Rental, enter the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and even opt for a condo or house rental, depending on your preference.

A list of choices will then be shown to you, complete with full property descriptions, rates, dates of availability, and locations. The owners of these remarkable properties will also provide pictures for an easier and better informed selection process.

Step Two: Refine and Review
After you have selected a few wonderful choices, you can begin to refine your search by selecting individual amenities options. Perhaps you are searching for a beach property that has a swimming pool or that allows you to bring the family pet. Use the filters provided to find the exact property that will make your visit to Ocean City a vacation to remember.

You can also read reviews from previous tenants about the cleanliness and other attributes of the property before making your final selection. Contact information is provided by the property owners, allowing you to email prior to renting should you need to ask any additional questions.

Step Three: Contact the Owners
You may have several different options that look appealing. This is when you would contact the owners of each individual property to ensure that your preferred dates are available. You can ask about additional rental policies or request a written document about their rules and regulations.

Many of the properties are non-smoking or have additional deposits for pets, for example. Sometimes you can get a very good deal through direct communication with the owner, especially during off-season. Ask about potential cleaning fees and parking availability. You may want to ask the owners about nearby attractions.

Step Four: Sign your Deal
The great thing about Ocean City Maryland Rentals is that there is no “middle man”. You get to deal directly with the owner of your Ocean City Rental. By using the provided contact information, you simply come to an agreement about the price and the dates, and then sign your contract! It’s a great way to get great deals on beach rentals.

Step Five: Pay your Deposit and Finalize the Agreement
After the owner has sent you all of the documentation that you need to secure the rental for the agreed upon dates, you will need to sign the agreement and submit this back to the property owner along with your rental deposit. This will protect you and ensure that your Ocean City Rental is indeed available when you arrive.

Step Six: Enjoy Your Vacation!
Now is the time for you to head for Ocean City! Visit the beaches and the boardwalk. Get a tan or enjoy the nightlife activities! After you return, make sure to follow-up with the property owner in order to receive your deposit. Then, simply write a review on our website about the property and amenities that were offered. Have fun in Ocean City! We look forward to having you!

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